[NEWS] SCHOOL WAR AHON2 | POSTED BY: Admin 10.28.2020

School War AHON 2

What is School War?
A kill all red PvP battle between all 3 schools. The school which holds the most kill counts when school war ends will get rewarded.

How to Participate:
- Tyranny is held every 10:00 PM [PHT]. Announcements will be made in game when it starts.
- Press "u" or click the PVP Icon at the bottom of your game screen to open the Battlefield UI.

- Press the "Participate" button to sign-up. You can only do this if you are level 220+ and there is still room available.
- Once School War starts, participants will be summoned in automatically according to the order of request. The request will be cancelled if the participant disconnects.

Mechanics during this event:
- Maximum of 150 Players

- Strictly no alliance from other schools
- Anyone caught negotiating from other schools with proper investigation may result to permanent ban
- Once proven both schools has alliance, points may void or deduct as penalty depending upon the situation
- No clashing to each other school in a long run is concider alliance
- Change School will disable while the event is ongoing

PVP Event duration:
November 1, 2020 to November 14, 2020

School War AHON is one of special PVP Event in Yoga RAN Online with special reward that can win by obtaining the most points for the duration of event.
Winning School Reward: Exclusive Suryun held at Bamboo Forest with Set of Last BOSS: 3 Mutant, 3 BigBot, 2 Veno and 50 Ahon1 Bonus Reward (Contains: 1pc Ring Accesories Costume 30D)

Event Calendar:

Prepare! GearUp! and Dominate!

Best Regards, Yoga RAN Online Management