Server Information

This server is owned by Mr. Joseph Cagasan also known as "Sinio" Battle Emcee of Fliptop Philippines.
Managed by Top notched Developers and Community Management

YOGA RAN Online Established at April 18, 2020

Server Info:
* Episode 7 RAN Online PH Gameplay wayback 2013
* Exp Rate: High
* Drop Rate: Low
* Max Lvl 230
* 7~207 Skills
* 6 Class: Swordy, Brawler, Shamman, Archer, Extreme(classic), Scientist
* RAN PH Official Skill Effects: Push, Pull, Antipots, Debuffs, Silence, Gunner Int Summon etc...
* Lvl requirements only on maps
* Old maps Old interface for nostalgic feels
* Lvl 7~127 Skills are available on NPC, the rest is huntable and questable
* Official quest based for additional Stats, Attributes, Stats, Skill Points etc...
* Official Activity Quest & Activity Shop
* Last Set: "Celestial"
* Last Weapon: "Weapo Z" craft from Astral & Black Dragon
* Max upgrade +10
* Daily Quest (Contribution Reward)
* Keymobs activated
* Dungeon maps: RCB1, HB51F, Farming Site(Entry pass can buy at Col.Rep)
* Moded Contribution System & Contribution Shop (Contribution Point as Currency)
* Item Compound System
* Suggested Rate Price (SRP) For Gold is implemented to maintain market value
* Gametime to Votepoints System
* This server is 100% hunt based
* 100% Active Market for crafting materials etc...
* No donation items, premium points only for basic needs
* Reformable 4stats RV
* Reform cards can obtain via Crafting
* No Seal card
* Gold to PHP 100% possible with midman staff to avoid scams issue.