How to Donate

YOGA RAN Online (Private Server) hereby acknowledges, that this is a private server. In order to provide to you the best service and offer you the best gaming experience, We need to constantly maintain and update the server. We do not push or force any individual to donate, It is not a requirement, but we humbly accept them as this is a form of support to our server.

Donations are purely voluntary, wholly non-compulsory and are extremely appreciated. By donating, you are agreeing that it is non-refundable and that you are authorizing the donation.

Convertion: 1PHP = 1 R-Coin / 1 R-Coin = 2 V-Points
NO Minimum donation


# 0956 823 0346
Jerome Reyes


Once you have sent your donation, file on our Helpdesk with the following information:
Tittle: Buy RCoin
Tracking/Reference #: Input referefence # of your donate

Please input the following information on message section:
Character name:
Sender name:
Amount sent:
Exact time and date sent:
Please provide screenshot or proof of your payment: Receipt / Text msg

How to send picture? Upload your file/photo at then copy and paste on helpdesk.


Schedule for processing donation:
Anytime basta humihinga at buhay si Suisei
And may depends on agent availability

We will add more convenient mode of payments once ECQ is over, for the mean time GCASH payment is only available.

Fake, Fraud, Refund or double ticket file with the same receipt may result to Hardware and IP Banned!